In 1964, Boris Mouravieff assigned Dr. Fouad Ramez to translate the first volume of his triad, GNOSIS a study on the Esoteric Tradition of the Eastern Orthodoxy.

Dr Fouad Ramez, a disciple of Mouravieff, followed closely his teachings & was his successor in the Middle East to initiate others to the Gnostic WAY. Dr Fouad Ramez has translated the living vivifying test into an Arabic live text, eqaul to the French in its eloquency, live & vivifying with its different shades & bearing the depths that he personally grasped and applied. Also, his English translation of 1985 is published in Cairo and available for readers with his esoteric comments added to the text and explanations that facilitated the readers understanding of Gnosis.

An oral Traditon in origin, for the first time in history given as a systematic teaching now available in Arabic and English. An esoteric authorized translation, authentic & guides sincere seekers to Salvation. The translator, a believer, scientist, Academeic, specialized in Esoteric Traditions Arabized the book , not only translated it.